Submission and Style Guidelines

COLING 2025 invites the submission of long papers of up to eight pages and short papers of up to four pages. These page limits only apply to the main body of the paper. At the end of the paper (after the conclusions but before the references) papers need to include a mandatory section discussing the limitations of the work and, optionally, a section discussing ethical considerations. Papers can include unlimited pages of references and an unlimited appendix. Authors should follow the general instructions for COLING 2025 proceedings, which are an adaptation of the general instructions for *ACL proceedings.

To prepare your submission, please make sure to use the COLING 2025 style files available here:

Papers deviating from the provided style files will be rejected without review.

COLING 2025 adopts the ACL Ethics Policy.

There are two routes for paper submission:

Direct submission

Papers should be submitted through Softconf/START using the following link:

Each paper will receive a minimum of three reviews. Authors will have the opportunity to provide a short rebuttal to clarify any misunderstandings. The review process will be double-blind. Reviewers will not see authors, authors will not see reviewers. Reviews and submissions will not be made publicly visible.

ACL Rolling Review (ARR) Papers

Papers which have already been reviewed through the ACL Rolling Review (ARR) system can be committed to COLING 2025. These papers will not be re-reviewed. Senior Area Chairs and Program Chairs will make acceptance decisions based on the ARR reviews and meta-reviews.

Optional Supplementary Materials: Appendices, Software and Data

Each COLING 2025 submission can be accompanied by a single .tgz or .zip archive containing supplementary materials, such as program code and datasets. COLING 2025 encourages the submission of such supplementary materials to improve the reproducibility of results. For the main track, the supplementary materials need to be fully anonymized to preserve the double-blind reviewing policy.

Additional information, such as preprocessing decisions, model parameters or proofs should be put into the appendix of the main PDF submission. Note that submissions need to remain fully self-contained. In particular, any details that are important for reviewers to assess the technical correctness of the work should be included in the main body of the paper.